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How String Theory May Predict A 3+1 Dimensional World

February 28, 2009

Any compact universe should have strings that wind around, just like when you wind a string around a torus.

Well these winding strings, like a rubber band, want to compress any manifold down to the plank length. (At which point the dual momentum strings we discussed dually “push back” to prevent further collapse.) However, winding strings are oriented. Wrapping 3 times clockwise is different then 3 times counter-clockwise.

If we could have winding strings come in contact with anti-winding strings we would have the winding modes unwrap, and the universe expands. However, this process must be in equilibrium to keep the universe big for any length of time.

Well, a string sweeps out a 2 dimensional surface as it moves, so has a 2d interaction area. Same with a anti-winding string. So, the largest dimension where you could maintain long term expansion is a 2+2=3+1 dimensional space which would expand leaving the rest of the dimensions compactified.

This does something more, since it may take a long time before this equilibrium comes about, this could explain the high entropy in the universe.


Fedora 11 Will Have An Incredible Number Of New Features

February 28, 2009

Fedora 10, an amazing Fedora release in its own right, had 28 approved features. Fedora 9 had 30 and Fedora 8 had 21.

As of writing this Fedora 11 has 51 which have already been approved, plus another 9 waiting to be approved any day now. That means in the end there should be ~60 approved features which make it into Fedora 11! This doesn’t even count the work going into external things such as overhauling the documentation or the community work going into the Moksha project.

The features on the list aren’t trivial either, take a look. Almost every aspect of the OS is having some substantial work going into it.  You name it, boot time, instant messaging, delta RPMs, 64 bit kernel in 32 bit system, the media player, networking, security, KMS for nearly all open source drivers, compilers, etc.. will be seeing a lot of new love. (Much more than just upgrades) This list will have other distros playing catchup for some time to come.

So, show your appreciation by testing the new release.  It may be best to start with the upcoming beta to be released on March 24, so mark your calendars.  Even better, in addition to testing sign up and become a part of the Fedora Project.  You won’t regret it, the community and innovation you will come across will never be matched anywhere.  Guaranteed. 🙂

Good Week: First Package + Scale + OLPC!

February 21, 2009

This was a good week. I was able to get a lot accomplished.  First, I got sponsored with my first package: scitools.  I would really like to thank, in alphabetical order, Ivazquez, Jamatos, Jussi, and Kevin for all there help and patience. You all made what seemed like a difficult task at first, very straight forward and I learned a lot.

Second, I was at FAD at Scale today. We packaged fonts and worked on docs. It was great. Again I would like to thank herlo, jds2001, ke4qqq, lcafiero quaid, and spot for all their support. We met a bunch of new people and made some good progress. (Socializing of course was part of the progress.)

A lot of people showed up to learn about Fedora. It was great. Oh yeah, and I should mention I have a shiny new XO from OLPC to begin doing development and packaging for. There’s just so much great Fedora awsomeness going on right now! (Pretend that last sentence is grammatically sound.)