Good Week: First Package + Scale + OLPC!

This was a good week. I was able to get a lot accomplished.  First, I got sponsored with my first package: scitools.  I would really like to thank, in alphabetical order, Ivazquez, Jamatos, Jussi, and Kevin for all there help and patience. You all made what seemed like a difficult task at first, very straight forward and I learned a lot.

Second, I was at FAD at Scale today. We packaged fonts and worked on docs. It was great. Again I would like to thank herlo, jds2001, ke4qqq, lcafiero quaid, and spot for all their support. We met a bunch of new people and made some good progress. (Socializing of course was part of the progress.)

A lot of people showed up to learn about Fedora. It was great. Oh yeah, and I should mention I have a shiny new XO from OLPC to begin doing development and packaging for. There’s just so much great Fedora awsomeness going on right now! (Pretend that last sentence is grammatically sound.)

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