Innovation Sparks Jealousy

(Full disclosure: I use, and contribute, to both Fedora and Ubuntu)

I’m finding increased jealousy toward Fedora every day especially when someone points out how well Fedora is innovating.

Case and point, take this article I just read Ubuntu 9.04 vs Fedora 11: A lot can change in one month! The article concludes:

Ubuntu, as usual, has been rock stable for me…

But considering the differences – Fedora 11 seems to be a full 6 months ahead of Ubuntu….

Ubuntu sure has some catching up to do. When Ubuntu 9.10 releases, I can’t even begin to imagine how far ahead Fedora 12 will be!

Now look at the comments:
First, take Inconsiderate Clod:

Fedora is a (stupidly) aggressive development distro which regularly causes major malfunctions to all it’s rawhide users as well as it’s more ‘conservative’ users…  the world should be happy and thankful with all the Fedora users who unwittingly offer themselves up to be ginny pigs for the greater good of FOSS.

Ouch! I guess I am an unwitting Fedora Ginnie pig. Do I hear a little jealousy?

Or maybe RALF:

You sir, are an idiot.

Firefox 3.1 isn’t stable yet. OpenOffice 3.1 isn’t stable yet. Plymouth only works with Intel hardware, Ubuntu too will use gnome-media, Thunderbird 3 isn’t stable yet.

Double standard RALF? Ubuntu releases their LTS release with with Firefox Beta and RALF is complaining that a Fedora Alpha release has some Beta software? Interesting.  Not to mention the incorrect statement about Plymouth coming from someone calling another an idiot.  I found this amusing.

The development of each Ubuntu version lasts 6 months. In those months, they lock down the version and keep fighting bugs until the deadline.

Because, Fedora doesn’t try to fight bugs until their deadline?

That’s why people can actually _use_ Ubuntu. Fedora is more like ‘what’s next?’

Again, by Canonical’s versus Fedora’s own numbers, more people use Fedora then Ubuntu, so this “usability” argument is a little weak.

Personally, I think both Canonical and Fedora deserve praise, not attacks due to jealousy. Canonical has brought Linux to millions of users who arguably needed something like Ubuntu to get started. Likewise, Fedora’s innovation always keeps it a good 6 months ahead of the pack without the luxury of having an upstream distro do the majority of the heavy lifting. For these reasons we need to have more praise and less jealousy.

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6 Comments on “Innovation Sparks Jealousy”

  1. I’d just like to say that I found your post extremely refreshing. I think the idea of more peace => more progress is a good one.

    For the record, I run Fedora as my home distribution, I get no special favors from the Fedora community just because I work at Red Hat, and Fedora has been a total champ for me, despite the fact that I run it on less-than-friendly hardware (a MacBook Pro). I have suffered along with everybody else as my ATI graphics processor goes in and out of support, but I really like having a clear view from the front of the bus, and that’s what Fedora gives me.

  2. Paul Frields Says:

    Heck @Michael, I don’t even get special favors as the Fedora Project Leader! 🙂 I do have the good fortune to be running a lot of older hardware other than my laptop, which means pretty much everything works at my house out of the box. But innovation doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach, to wit:

    I took time today to participate in the Nouveau Test Day because my laptop has an Nvidia GPU. It was well worth the time, and because of the time I spent, my hope is that Nvidia cards will be working a lot better *everywhere*, not just in Fedora. That’s the true pleasure of working upstream — I know that my effort is going to benefit people everywhere, without any tribal or competitive muddying of the waters.

  3. rdx Says:

    By sheer count more advantages were given for ubuntu than fedora. But it still seems some people can’t face the facts straight, when fedora gets an equal review…

  4. Tom Mann Says:

    “Personally, I think both Canonical and Fedora deserve praise, not attacks due to jealousy.”

    Amen. Like the competition between KDE and Gnome, Fedora and Ubuntu must exist to propel each other.

  5. Duv Says:

    If I may say something, thank you. It something that need to be said in all the bickering.

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