Ubuntu: I Hope AppStore Rumor True

Ubuntu is currently having their semi-annual developer summit and will be discussing their new AppCenter tomorrow.  There is a rumor/total guess that this AppCenter will also integrate with an Ubuntu AppStore secretly in development.

I honestly hope this rumor/total guess is true.  There is a large demographic of people who would be benefited by this.  This would help Linux adoption among such people.  Second, it would be a great source of revenue for Canonical which would also be great for Ubuntu.

Not that my vote matters to anyone, but I hope it happens.

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9 Comments on “Ubuntu: I Hope AppStore Rumor True”

  1. jef Says:

    AppCenter…. forking PackageKit into a Ubuntu specific offering….great idea.


  2. Joseph Smidt Says:

    Forking PackageKit is not what I thought might be a good idea. The good idea is having something like an App Store that integrates with your packaging software.

    In a way I guess they already tried this with CNR which hasn’t worked out the best. However, if they could make it work I think it would be a good thing.

  3. jcastro Says:

    Where are people getting the idea that ubuntu is forking packagekit? We haven’t even had the discussion about appcenter yet so I don’t understand how people can be coming to conclusions already.

  4. mpt Says:

    I proposed PackageKit as a possible base, but consensus in the session seemed to be to start with gnome-app-install as a base instead.

    There is no “Ubuntu AppStore secretly in development”. Mark Shuttleworth mentioned during the AppCenter session that eventually we will want to provide the ability to purchase software. Better to do that in a controlled environment where we can explain any risks and encourage use of updatable repositories, than by expecting customers to download .deb or .tar.gz files.

  5. Joseph Smidt Says:

    Thanks for the info. Good luck with your conference.

  6. Kevin Kofler Says:

    Software shouldn’t cost money. Repositories should be free of charge. They should only contain software which is Free Software (or “Open Source” if you prefer), which also implies among other things that the repository is allowed to distribute them free of charge (or for a fee, but such a repository sucks). Why accomodate proprietary software and their business models?

  7. […] Some nice links Ubuntu Wiki – AppCenter Ubuntu AppStore in the workings? Ubuntu: I hope AppStore Rumor True […]

  8. mpt Says:

    Kevin Kofler: Three questions.

    1. The position of the Free Software Foundation is that “we encourage people who redistribute free software to charge as much as they wish or can”. Do you disagree, and if so, why?

    2. Canonical sells Ubuntu on CD, at Amazon and at the Canonical Store. Similarly, dozens of distributors sell OpenOffice.org on CD. Do you think those distributors should stop doing that, and if so, who would that help?

    3. If someone wants to play World of Goo on Ubuntu, what should they do?

  9. chinmoy Says:

    Looking forward to this inclusion. Will help solve those lack of software complaints.

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